At Promise Consulting, we take the tedious numbers and show you the potential behind the statistics! We bring enthusiasm and experience to marketing and business development. And we take great pride in our integrity and business ethics, providing reliable information you can use to grow your company.
....."I started Promise Consulting because I felt a real calling to use my expertise and experiences to assist organizations in reaching their goals," says Dianne Ganslein, president of Promise Consulting. Dianne fine-tuned her skills with leading marketing research firms like Burke Marketing and Information Resources.
....."I am interested in helping clients develop their businesses in order to achieve success—as they define it," she adds.
.....Dianne's successful strategies have helped both large and small companies in a variety of industries, including consumer package goods, financial services, communications and industrial products. During the past 20 years, Dianne has worked with many clients, including:

  • ..Procter & Gamble
  • ..General Mills
  • ..Kellogg's
  • ..Pillsbury
  • ..Smuckers
  • ..Johnson & Johnson
  • ..Kraft
  • ..TNS NFO
  • ..Anthony's Salon
  • ..Parkside Christian Church

....."I've seen first-hand how brands and companies grow and how they die," Dianne says. "As a result, I am a big proponent for improving the decision-making process by including data whenever possible. It's this experience that I'm thrilled to share with my clients!"

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